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Spring 2017 Newsletter


Welcome to the first newsletter of 2017. There were a number of developments at the end of last year which we have reported on, including a round-up of the announcements made in the new Chancellor’s first – and last – Autumn Statement. We hope you enjoy reading it. 


Our feature this edition is Tax allowances: use them or lose them. Tax year end planning is looming. You can be late with a return or tax payment, although there will be a penalty. However, sometimes just being a day late can cost you in terms of exemptions and reliefs. 


Our other stories include:


  • The last Autumn Statement What were the main takeaways from the new Chancellor’s first – and last - Autumn Statement?


  • A round-up of payroll If you aren’t using HM Revenue & Customs’ payrolling benefits in kind service for 2016/17, you need to register online before 5 April 2017 if you want to use it for 2017/18. 


  • Limits on pension contributions Higher earners are now subject to tight limits on how much they can pay into tax-relieved pension schemes. It’s essential to take care to avoid a substantial extra tax charge.

Not included are recently announced changes to the flat rate VAT scheme. If you use this scheme please contact us.


We hope you find the contents of this newsletter useful and informative and, as always, let us know if you think you may be affected by any of the topics in this edition.



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