Accounting Services for Charities

About this service…

At RWP Accountants, we act for a number of not-for-profit organisations and charities and, as a result, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of this area. When you are managing a charity, there are many important things to consider, including governance, protocols and procedures. However, if you want to run a sustainable charity, you need to think commercially if you want to survive.

We can help you take a commercial approach by supporting you with your accountancy needs, as well as helping you to develop a business strategy. We will help you choose a suitable structure for your organisation and advise you on any applicable tax exemptions. We will also assist you when it comes to your reporting obligations to the Charity Commission, HMRC and Companies House.

As there is a growing expectation for not-for-profit organisations to become more self-sufficient, it is important to adopt a commercial approach if you want to attract external funders.We assist with forecasts and budgets to help secure grants and other types of funding for your organisation.

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